• Contest Runs: May 18-29, 2020

Roark T-Shirt Design

Proceeds Donated to Frontline Hero Fund

Bored? Can’t sleep? Inspired? Have some free time? Get busy on Roark’s “Idle Hands” T-shirt Graphic Contest – It’s pretty simple, design a graphic around the theme “Adventure Awaits.” We’ll select the winner and make the t-shirt and sell it at Roark.com with proceeds going towards the Frontline Hero Fund, supporting healthcare and frontline COVID-19 responders. Winner will also receive $300 worth of Roark gear.

Instructions are Easy


Design a graphic using up to 4 colors that’s inspired by the adventures that you’re dreaming about and submit it on Instagram by tagging @Roark and #RoarkIdleHands between May 18 - 29. We'll select a winner on June 1st. Art must be original designs, include the Roark logo, and fit within 8" x 8" artwork placement.

Winner will also receive $300 worth of Roark gear.

Roark Graphic Tee's