Road to Somewhere

It’s never been about where we’re going. The destination? Forget about it altogether. It doesn’t matter where in the world we might be. What matters to us is the how and the why of it all. It’s the journey. It’s the ups and downs, it’s the bonds that we formed from adversity with those traveling alongside us, it’s the flat tires and the perfect barrels, it’s the emerald green waters and the way it leads us back to ourselves in the end. It’s the pages upon pages of that one book that we consume ferociously at night while we wait for the sun to rise. We finally understand. The road isn’t taking us anywhere tangible. What is the destination? The road itself.

The immense granite and limestone faces of this place will forever captivate us and draw us back for the climb, for that dive under the boat, for the Aperol, for the good times. We can't wait to see you in these durable, adventure-ready pieces. The road is taking us somewhere, anywhere—here.