• November 12, 2020

Roark X Danner

Made In USA, Limited Collection

Founded in 1932, the Danner brand has crafted boots with purpose and integrity. Built for those who pioneer for expeditions’ sake and demand styling for an every day wear option, Danner has been the standard for almost a century. Roark has partnered with Danner on a new USA Made collaboration featuring an exclusive boot and Axeman jacket.


Our aim in collaboration

In the fall of 2019, designers from California-based Roark — makers of adventure-ready apparel, luggage and globally inspired trinkets — met with Danner at their factory in Portland, Oregon. The aim was to collaborate on a collection that the Roark team would wear to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Documented by filmmakers Chris Burkard and Ben Weiland in the short, Arc of Aleutia, the trip focused on tracking down the legend of a lone surfer who trekked to the remote bay many years ago. The film captures the spirit of exploration in one of most isolated and untamed surf destinations on the planet.

Danner, up for the challenge..

“Danner boots are built for adventures – both big and small,” says Will Pennartz, Brand Marketing Director, Danner. “When the Roark team approached us about collaborating on a premium, USA-made collection that would stand up to the rigors of the Alaskan wilderness yet still feel at home in the city, we were up for the challenge.”

“Danner has outfitted Roark trips all over the world since our journey to Nepal in 2014. The boots are always up to the task and are one of the most dependable pieces of gear we bring along,” says Ryan Hitzel, Founder & CEO of Roark. “All of those miles gave way to a collaboration that brings us a durable yet stylish pair of boots and the most bulletproof incarnation of our “Axeman” Jacket to date – built of boot-grade waxed canvas and leather. Even better, they were built in Portland and Los Angeles. We’re very proud of that.”