• February, 14 2021
  • WORDS BY Cody Derrick



Rituals help establish a sense of meaning and control in the unpredictable world. These behaviors may follow a specific script, but often times they are highly individual. We celebrate the outdoors by engaging with her beauty. Getting into the right headspace by way of practicing a pre-run flow can prime your intentions, and amplify your experience.

A Student of the Mountains

Before setting out into the wild to find the necessary solace deep within the surrounding Wasatch Mountains; Cody Derrick engages in a pre-run ritual that begins hours before the sun awakes from his home in Salt Lake City, UT.

“Running is the opposite of all the consistent obligations I have in life. The ritual is to look around and be grateful…And to not say ‘no’ to life, but to say ‘yes’ to it. ”

Cody Derrick