• July 10, 2021
  • WORDS BY TJ Botton & Rio Lakeshore
  • PHOTOS BY Chris McPherson



Rituals help establish a sense of meaning and control in the unpredictable world. These behaviors may follow a specific script, but often times they are highly individual. We celebrate the outdoors by engaging with her beauty. Getting into the right headspace by way of practicing a pre-run flow can prime your intentions, and amplify your experience.

The Mindful Navigator

Rio Lakeshore hasn’t missed a day of running in years. Already logging over 2500 miles this year, he is set on running over 5000 miles in 2021 alone. He does this not because he has to, but because it sets him up to be a better father, friend, poet, musician and of course, runner. His rituals are key to his preparation and process of moving through the city and trails, healthily: in mind, body and soul.

“Running is an act of being mindful, it’s a therapy session. I’m observing everything from the smells, to the sounds, the texture of the terrain I’m running on. The flow of the wind. It all becomes very still, while I’m in motion. The ultimate reward, is that I get to be healthy mentally, physically, and in my soul.”

Rio Lakeshore