• 06/16/2022
  • PHOTOS BY Dylan Gordon and Drew Smith

The act of not taking any action and doing nothing is the single biggest threat facing our ocean.

While the planet is breaking down, the surf industry is stepping up with the #SurfCleanOceans campaign.

The #SurfCleanOceans campaign is an e-commerce online fundraiser to benefit the SIMA Environmental Fund and its beneficiaries. Healthy oceans and clean beaches are important to not only our surf industry, but to the physical and mental well-being for so many people who live near and recreate in the water. The SIMA Environmental Fund beneficiaries rely on our industry’s collective support to protect our oceans for surfers and those looking to enjoy our coastlines.

This weekend we'll be joining SIMA's #SurfCleanOceans campaign by donating a portion of our sales to the cause.

Check out all the details of the campaign here!