Airline travel is becoming a shittier and shittier option for those who like to bring more then a handbag and or can’t afford a seat with ample enough breathing room let alone leg room.  Planes aren’t the only game in town for those who have the time and are adventurous enough for interesting alternatives.

Container Ship travel has gained in popularity amongst the wanderlusting. Google “travel by container ship” and a whole slew of links will stir your curiosity. Thor Pederson is more than halfway through an effort to set foot in every country in the world without ever flying, and that means he has no choice but to arrange for himself to be shipped from continent to continent like a pallet of discount office supplies. Speaking from Kenya, he told Vice container ships are no place for landlubbers, and they can be a hassle just to board, but they’re also full of hidden luxuries. Best of all for Pederson: The price tag on most of these voyages—which is normally comparable to flying, if not more expensive—is zero dollars.

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