The cash crops of Vietnam hold an interesting past, from Poppies for opium production, to rice paddy’s to feed its people, Vietnam has a contrasting cash crop that affects the world. The Poppy Dreams Collection Consists of four pieces:

The sidecar pilot often wore the Poppy Dreams Woven. He schooled Roark in the art of harvesting opium. This floral clearly shows the cut & drip technique employed to harvest from the poppy flower. 100% cotton with pearl buttons.It’s hard to miss the remnants of western culture and the U.S. military presence in Da Nang. Roark’s Da Nang Reversible Bomber Jacket is U.S. Military inspired on the outside with Poppy Dreams Floral Print on the inside with quilting in the shape of poppies. Cotton nylon outer with cotton lining.

As their convoy of Urals snaked through the hills of Northern Vietnam, the mountains opened up into bright, vibrant green and red fields of poppies scattered throughout Son La province. Roark’s 20” Poppy Dreams Boardshort features 2-way stretch, 50% poly, 45% cotton and 5% spandex. Well-worn fade.