Revivalist Raph Bruhwiler is a Badass. The harsh demands of Vancouver Island dictate you have to be to live there. Raph surfs, hunts, makes DIY hot tubs in the forest and serves in the Canadian Coast Guard. His capsule collection is inspired by the climatic needs and feel of his home on Vancouver Island. Raph’s Capsule Collection featuring the Night Bite Jacket and the Faller Flannel.

The demands of Vancouver Island are intense. The terrain, climate and the rigors of daily life in the wet bush call for the “Night Bite.” Raph needs a jacket that was rugged and weather resistant – with roots in workwear. We hid storage for 30/30 shells in the waterproof pocket.
Raph’s tried, trusted and true mid-weight flannel with lining. Rarely would you find him leaving the house without his “Faller” and its friend, Chainsaw.