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Surfing innovator, finless pioneer, wordsmith and all-round awesome human Derek Hynd is above all things a philosopher. His specialty, existentialism and his school? The ocean. So when the former pro surfer come writer come friction-free trailblazer talks, we listen. And when he surfs, we watch.

Here, in an all-new clip captured in J-Bay last winter, he does both.
Better yet, he gives an oh so intimate insight into the workings of waves, finless boards and the relationship between the ocean and man. Keeping in mind that Hynd was first man in the water after Mick Fanning’s rescue at J-Bay last year, it’s only fair to spare a thought for cinematographer Andrew Kaineder, who had no option but to follow him in an effort to help complete this raw portrait of a surfing icon. There a few surfers as eloquent or insightful as the veteran Australian and this pure little clip only re-enforces that. Enjoy!