Volume 15: “Vagabundos Del Carne”

"Vagabundos Del Carne"

Volume 15

The journey begins in a different part of the world every season. Telling stories of our travels by street or by trail inspiring a collection of adventure-ready goods. The chase for Roark is never-ending and relentless. Join us this season as we follow Roark into the more classical setting of Northern Patagonia, Argentina.

Its offerings are diverse, weather is unpredictable, people are rugged and diets are comprised of unprecedented carne & local cerveza. We followed the trail through the Argentina Steppe on horseback, leading along the Rio Limay and found home at Refugio Frey. The obscure yet legendary perch in the Southern Andes provided the perfect canvas to climb, splitboard, and challenge our commitment.

We’ll return to the Falkland Islands to surf and explore the rugged coastline in the heart of the winter. Extreme to be sure, but well worth the risk. We hope you enjoy the stories and the collection of clothes, trinkets and general stoke inspired by Roark’s expedition to Argentina. Travel well.